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Storm Preparedness

In the event of a pending storm threat, we remain committed to our property owners and their guests.

Our preparedness plan is one that we put into place long before the storm season starts. Communicating with guests and prepping a home securely is essential to our work. Our team of workers makes certain:

  • Doors and windows are locked and secured.
  • We take grills indoors.
  • We bring potted plants and outdoor furniture inside.
  • We turn off icemakers.
  • We put plastic down under outdoor items to prevent staining from water and rust.

We communicate with our owners, and after the storm, we communicate with our clients to let them know what needs to be done. Emergencies can be stressful and our aim is to reduce the stress through planning, preparedness, and communication. We also board up windows and doors when necessary.

Please contact us to inquire.